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Transilvania Bank, Cluj-Napoca

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About Us

We are a advertisement, webdesign, domain registral, webhosting and IT solutions company in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Is your business growing, but not as fast as you expect?

We are offering the solution to increase the number of your clients. By having a website on the internet, the boundaries of your city will be broken and your business will have clinents from all country, or even the world.

Let's make an easy exercise: type in your browser and search for any word regarding a commerce, tourism, or any other domain.

You will realise that you can find any type of service. You will notice websites of rival companies, and this is a huge drawback for you if you don't have a website or if you have one but it is not promoted on-line.

What actually is a website and what are the advantages in having one?

First of all, any company that intend to grow put some money in its image as in services that it offers to customers. After all, they come first! All of us are always in a hurry, we never have enough time. When we are driving we speed-up, even if we don't get more than few minutes more. Well, using internet, we save time without taking any risk, like an accident, etc. You would prefer that instead of looking hours through stores, to have a fast solution, from home, sitting in front of your comuter while you are drinking your coffe, to buy products, or to sell your products.We compare prices, seek services, we find something that we don't really need, but still can't stop peeping. And everything is so simple that we make decisions without to much thoughts. With just one click we order a new TV, concert tickets, or a pizza, even if we know that it fattens... it looks so good.

Romanian language is the second language spoken in Microsoft, and acording to Internet World Stats, who undertake estimations from International Telecommunication Union, Romania has reached in august 2007 approximate 5.1 million internet users. 64% of romanian peoples access the internet from home, 17% from work, 4% during visits (probabli annoing the host) and 1% from clubs. All these statistics only demonstrate how impportant in the internet in our lives. Everyone make money and save money using this technology.

If you don't want to drop back or to be overtaken by opponents, the first step you have to take is to create a website.

Just like shop-windows or luxury of a restaurant, the website is the mirror of your company. That is why it has to look as good as possible, to be elegant or even extravagant, depending on the bussines you run. The images attract clients, and the main trump of every website is facility to make an order or to visualize the products that you offer.

We have experts in webdesign, programming and on-line publicity that can help you to promote your products and services. With just 50 Euro you can have a presentation website. It's price can grow depending on complexity of the website or the technology used. Just like a real bussiness, the website will need a space, and that is called webhosting. With only 1.5 Euro per month, your website will be hosted on our servers. For those who don't know these terms, this represent the "rent" for hosting your website. The price includes website hosting, an unlimited number of subdomains and e-mail accounts, support and many others. For the completeness of our service, we offer an proffesional journalist, who can write the articles, or prepare the text for your advertisement. We also have an online publicity service to make your site known on the internet.

Just like any company have a registered name, on the internet you will have to buy a domain that will represent you. Using our search engine, you can find and choose a domain according to your business strategy. This is a very simple task. Just type in the box (left side of our webpage) the name that you want. After you register the domain, and it is implemented on-line, your website is ready to receive orders and your profit is ready to increase.

For technical support you can click "Yahoo mess online support" button and one of our spcialists will answer to all your questions intantly.