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It Services

Virus removal

   Computer viruses are the most destructive weapons in the data war. They hide so well in files, as not even an experienced user will know that they are there. They can do sometimes catastrophical damage, throughout the history being known a lot of viruses that had infected milions of computers and even destroyed whole companies.
Some of the most known damages that computer viruses do are stealing of informations, company secrets and databases but also damaging informations, system files, closing connections, actions that leads to stoping the activity.
   There are also other indirect damages that most companies are not fully aware of: the productivity fall, losing eventually sales and partners/clients trust. In other words, the image of the company falls.

There are some simptoms to recognise an infected computer:

The computer still works, but not as it should.
Your computer stop responding from time to time, right in the middle of an important job.
The home page of your browser is changed, and so is yout search engine.
Unexpected images appears on your screen.
Your computer makes unusuable noises.
Programs starts suddenly, without being started.
You have received an warning from firewall regarding specific aplications that are trying to connect to the internet, and they are not started by you.

Any of these sympthoms leads to the conclusion that your computer is infected.

We can help you to get rid of viruses and their unwanted effects too.

Our services includes:
  • Complete virus removal from your computer;
  • Reinstalling the operating system (in extreme cases);
  • Data recovery (in extreme cases)
  • Installing of an antivirus program that is able not only to erase the viruses from your computer, but also to heal the infected files, to recover the files erased by viruses and to scan the internet pages, identifying those that are infected before you access them;
  • Securing against addware/spyware;
  • Free training for a clean computer, without viruses in the future.

Configuring and repairing computers

Technology changes from day to day and your comuters can not run the new programs that you need so much. So, our company comes with some solutions:
  • Configuring sistems acording to the business that you run;
  • Parts upgrade and assambly;
  • Tracking faulty parts and replacing them;
  • Virus removal;
  • Installing/reinstalling operating systems;
  • Installing drivers;
  • Updating drivers;
  • IT consultancy;

Network administration

The local network is used to connect personal computers and workstations in companies offices in order to share informations and resources. The computer network infrastructure is the main responsable factor for the speed of your reactions at the challenges of your business and at the opportunities that may come.

The advantages of a local network:

  • Lower costs and higher quality for information processing;
  • Comunications becomes easier within the company;
  • Stronger data integrity;
  • Expanding the aplications scope and simpifying programs administration;
  • Increasing flexibility for informatic tools.

By using IEEE 802.3 Ethernet (10, 100 or 1000Mbps) or IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi (wireless technology) standards, out comany offers you some solutions:

  • Installing and configuring network devices;
  • Cabling and connecting UTP wires;
  • Configuring LAN network;
  • Installing switch/router;
  • Configuring switch/router;
  • Configuring wireless network;
  • Configuring wireless router;
  • Remote administration (on demand). Installation of a program that allow us to administarte your network from our office, so any problem occurs, it will be solve in the shortest time.
  • Securing the network. Security and fiability of the network are critical for the safety and success of a company. Low performance or security can dramatically affect your business, and may lead to financiar loss.
  • Consulancy for optimizing and extending your local network.

Network Structured Cabling Solutions

Heliomedia offers the best structural cabling on the market and an ethernet infrastructure that is comaptible with stategic needs of your company.
Like many other successful business, your company will grow, but this require a structural cabling of your infrastructure.
Whether you are moving your headquarters or just upgrading, you will need the best infrastucture cabling, that is capable to satisfy the expanding computer network, and so you will remain in the lead of your competitors many years from now.
With us, you will have the best solutions that are on the market.
Our services incude:
  • Writing the documentation for designing the network;
  • Designing the network that fits your company needs;
  • Choosing the type of equipments: active or passive;
  • Choosing the type of cable: UTP or OF;
  • The cabling;
  • Installing the sockets;
  • Installing the racks for the equipments;
  • Installing of Pach panel, pach cord and active equipments;
  • Testing the equipments;
  • Reception of the project and delivering the documentation.